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Image shows a Surveil Champion silhouetted against the night sky as they fly over a city

Introducing Surveil Champion, the Sales Superhero by Your Side

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Ever thought your SaaS partnership would be oh-so-much better if you had a specialist sales expert by your side? Meet your Surveil Champion – our partners’ guiding hand during your early days with Surveil.

If you’ve read our recent blog celebrating a year since investment (or the original investment announcement), you’ll know that Surveil has thoroughly dug into its partner channel era – and we’re having a great time with it. Please allow us to introduce… the Surveil Champion! (Cue applause).

Because of this focus on our partners, we’re constantly developing resources, tools, and services to add an extra layer of support to partnerships. Our latest development of the Surveil Champion, however, goes beyond marketing collateral and pre-sales activities. We’re heading somewhere very different instead.


What’s a Surveil Champion?

We’re glad you asked.

The Surveil Champion is a dedicated, funded sales resource plugged into a partner’s sales team during the early days of partnership. For one day a week, a partner has access to their own named Champion, who will help them to prepare, craft, and deliver the customer pitch – from Health Check to closure.

After the initial three-month period, partners can choose to use the Surveil Champion service for longer as a paid engagement, however we aim to build partner confidence and understanding to a level where they’re comfortable taking over and venturing on by themselves.


Guiding Partners on Their Revenue Journey

Image showing the Surveil Champion journey

Our Surveil Champion can help partners to uncover opportunities and value, but to do so they need a thorough understanding of the organisation first. We’ve carefully crafted a step-by-step process to solidly embed our Champion within a partner for true collaboration.

Step 1: Discovery

Partners begin discovery with their designated Surveil Champion. This is their chance to get to know one another and define expectations, scope, and responsibilities – as well as share knowledge and review processes.

Step 2: Strategy

The Champion and their partner will then begin building a collaborative strategy by exploring pricing options and managed service revenue drivers, positioning Surveil to maximise revenue.

Step 3: Targeting

Armed with an understanding of an established commercial strategy, the Sales Champion goes on to work with the partner to identify strategic customer targets.

Step 4: Health Check

This is the really exciting bit. Partners can launch their customers’ Surveil journeys with a Health Check, with their Champion supporting in customer meetings, helping to onboard selected customers, and guiding the partner through the whole process.

Step 5: Advancement

With a Surveil Champion by their side, partners can enjoy a boost in confidence in the process, reviewing analytics, crafting a proposition, and presenting it back with their Champion’s support.


How Does Having a Surveil Champion Benefit Partners?

When designing the Surveil Champion offering, we kept two things in mind:

  1. For partner sales teams to do their best work, they need to be armed with the right tools
  2. While a healthy customer pipeline is important, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start

With a Surveil Champion in their corner, partners have direct access to the experience, knowledge, and Surveil know-how to supercharge their success from day one.

The Surveil Champion will assist partners in identifying new opportunities, converting customers’ waste, and optimising Health Check outcomes – all following the pre-established strategy and priorities of the team. Not only that, but partners will benefit from increased customer retention and revenue as the Champion helps to simplify and strengthen the messaging around services while supporting customer onboarding.

Truly, the Surveil Champion is both the brains and the brawn needed to maximise a partnership, the outcomes, and the opportunities for revenue generation. If you’re a Surveil partner not already using a Champion, it’s worth talking to your partner success manager to find out out what they can do for you – and if you’re not a partner, well…what are you waiting for?

Interested in becoming a Surveil partner and tapping into the power of your very own Surveil Champion? Get in touch to talk to a member of our team, or explore the website to find out more.



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