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Childcare Provider Detangles Licensing with Deep Analytics

Childcare Provider Detangles Licensing with Deep Analytics

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Consolidating Microsoft subscriptions across three affiliate companies was proving to be a significant challenge for a European childcare provider.

The strategic move was supposed to lead to a smarter, more cost-effective licensing approach. Unfortunately, without the correct visibility, vendor relationship, or experience with combining agreements, the customer struggled to navigate such a complex consolidation.  


Recognising that their hopes of smarter licensing were under threat, the customer’s IT team sought help to clean up their licensing under a single contract. 


Over 30 days, Surveil monitored their entitlements, analysed their tenants, and combed through usage data to expand and simplify the visibility over their licensing landscape. At the end of that period, Surveil had produced the insights needed to navigate a complex merger with ease. 


These insights included uncovering a duplication-causing glitch in the automated assignment of licences, as well as revealing frontline and service accounts consuming licences on a much higher tier than was necessary, and untouched Project and Visio licences ripe for removal. 


Leveraging Surveil’s findings, the customer was able to detangle the process of combining licensing, dropping their sizeable Microsoft spend down from an eye-watering $1.2million combined bill to a sensible $730,000 singular Enterprise Agreement – a right-sizing of 40%. 


Now, the customer has access to the deep analytics needed to ensure a much simpler future for their Microsoft estate. 


Want a Surveil success story like this for your customers? Find out more about Surveil and our partner programme on our website or get in touch directly to arrange a sneak peek. 

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