M365 Health Check

Get to know your Microsoft 365 investment.

Surveil’s low-risk, no obligation M365 Health Check is the first word in a productive conversation around optimisation, security, and organisational control.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to securing and optimising your Microsoft environment? Surveil’s AI-driven M365 Health Check offers the clarity and insights critical to confident IT decision-making.

Using our smart cloud optimisation tool, Surveil, the M365 Health Check runs independently on your environment using read-only access and powerful AI to surface the deep insights usually out of reach without intense manual effort. It takes minutes to onboard, and the end result is an insightful report that presents opportunities to optimise, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 environment.

With key insights including JML, finance optimisation, and Office 365 product adoption – and read-only access – the M365 Health Check is a secure and effective means of generating a proof of concept for optimising your Microsoft 365 environment – whatever that looks like.

Read-Only, Secure, and Quick

15 minutes onboarding, never writes to the environment, goodbye manual requirements.

17-30% Average Cost Savings

The M365 Health Check identifies an average cost saving between 17-30% across Microsoft 365.

Optimise, Secure, Control

Identify potential savings, productivity improvements, unused licences, and risks to security and governance.

Understand Resource Usage

The M365 Health Check grants extensive visibility into which resources are being utilised or wasted, including adoption numbers and JML shortcomings. With insights into categories such as countries, departments, and more, you can hone your understanding of M365 resource usage to key areas of the business, for smarter optimisation and governance.

Assess Account Security

With the changes that organisations go through frequently and rapidly, keeping accounts secure can be difficult. Surveil’s M365 Health Check provides deep insights into the current security posture – from lingering licences and account permissions, to MFA usage and Microsoft Secure Score statistics.

Optimise M365 Licenses

Choosing which licenses are right for your teams requires a deep understanding of how your employees engage with the M365 offerings. The M365 Health Check uses Surveil’s AI to deep-dive into optimisation recommendations, taking unused licenses, inactivity and observed account behaviours into consideration.

Read-Only Access

With read-only access for 30 days, the M365 Health Check is a low-risk, no obligation step towards optimisation.


Gain visibility into your environment with the M365 Health Check report, containing insights, findings, and recommendations.


The M365 Health Check not only gives insight into your Microsoft licenses, but also presents optimisation recommendations, from cost savings to using under-utilised resources.


Use the M365 Health Check as the basis for continuous optimisation, emboldened IT strategies, and a greater understanding of your M365 investment.

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