Surveil for Microsoft Azure

Surveil for Azure

Make the most of your cloud journey with Surveil for Azure.

As investment in the cloud continues to soar, organisations are facing increased challenges around accurate forecasting, reduced wastage, and balancing potential security risks with optimising costs.

Surveil for Azure empowers such organisation to respond to these challenges using AI-powered procurement insights. Now, it’s possible to delve deeper into cloud spend, procurement data, risk, and usage – opening opportunities for further digital transformation.

optimise cloud spend

Optimise Cloud Spend

Customers can understand and optimise cloud spend through powerful AI-backed recommendations, aligned with Microsoft’s ten-point optimisation checklist and presented in clear, accessible dashboards for organisation-wide transparency.

risk, security, and governance

Minimise Risk, Improve Governance

Users receive in-depth security insights and governance recommendations, identifying gaps in security and risks daily. Additionally, they can be confident in their organisation’s compliance, using the AI tagging engine to review infrastructure standards.

Resource management

Control Resource Management

Management teams can understand Azure consumption, make sound business decisions, and identify reallocation opportunities, through AI tagging, integrated infrastructure management, and extensive cloud transparency.

Optimise Microsoft Azure with Surveil

One Platform, Many Opportunities

Looking for a way to optimise, secure, and control your customers’ Microsoft 365 environment too? The Surveil for M365 platform uses the same powerful interface to help organisations achieve their goals. Ask our team about booking a free demo.

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