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Support your organisation’s IT commitments without sacrificing scalability, reliability and availability

A complete end-to-end management platform developed with banking-class security, Surveil is the solution to managing your cloud and on-premise environments in a true single pane-of-glass. Platform agnostic with pre-packaged and customisable plug-ins, Surveil complements existing legacy and modern systems and simplifies integration of your entire IT infrastructure. Whether you are managing IoT devices attached to your factory machines, or managed services in your cloud provider – Surveil gives you one view to manage from. Surveil can be your front-end or back-end to complement your existing systems and fill the gaps you have.

Surveil Core interface

One solution for all your hybrid cloud needs

Surveil Core interface

Get on top of dynamic hybrid cloud usage and workloads with Surveil to automate policies to optimise cloud use and reduce wasted spend. Surveil’s Hybrid License and Identity Management allows companies to keep a close eye on licensing and the associated identities, and all the challenges that comes with this, ensuring you have both a cost effective and secure environment. Bring all your costs together – even for your on-premise environments like Azure Stack. Control and forecast cloud spend and budgets in the financial language you speak in your company – not just the way techies present things. Understand the best pricing model and how to optimise these across your environments. Oh, and for your on-premise environments, we make sure you can scan for, and access the environments. Understand your TCO for every user, department, region, country, division - however you like to show it.

Hybrid Cloud Management in a true single pane of glass

Modern demands require a platform that will ensure full monitoring and control across all services in the supply chain – be it the machine controller, the WiFi signal, the WAN, or the server - the ability to see how any one of these services can impact business critical services is invaluable. Surveil Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (HCMP) is your Single Pane-of-Glass to an increasingly complex and connected world.

Surveil Core Interface

Surveil Core Capabilities

  • Monitor and control any platform
  • Consolidated reporting via PowerBI
  • Software & Multimedia Distribution to any device or OS
  • Monitoring via SNMP, WMI, API, agent based etc.
  • Auto-learning and auto-discovery
  • Granular security
  • Responsive GUI towards any mobile devices
  • Data Consolidation presented to AI like MSFT Cognitive Services and IoT Hub
  • Complement existing systems
  • Software Distribution of files, content, updates or patches
  • Remote Operations
  • Alerts
  • Data Consolidation presented to AI like MSFT Cognitive Services and IoT Hub
  • Platform Utilization
  • Configuration Management
  • Complement existing systems
  • Software Distribution of files, content, updates or patches
  • Log File Tailing (e.g. EJ, Firmware logs, XFS logs etc.)
  • Banking-class security
  • Multi-tenant capability
  • Granular group and role-based security
  • TLS 1.2 and above support
  • One-way outgoing only agent communications (no incoming traffic allowed)
  • Server install on multi-platforms
  • Multi-database support
  • True single pane of glass monitoring

Pre-Defined Business modules

Surveil is an underlying platform that integrates to existing, new and legacy systems. This platform allows us to create innovative business modules to help you secure, manage and update your technology environments. This can be across financial costs management, network quality management, patching of any kind of platform, automated and custom asset management or managing the quality of your Enterprise voice Skype for Business calls.

Most importantly, these modules extend from your IOT Edge end point-type devices all the way to your Machine Learning engines in the cloud, for example. In today’s sprawling SaaS environments, multitudes of systems and tooling are easy to adopt and deploy – however this in itself creates a problem around having an overall view of your world. Skills on any particular product are hard to come by, often requiring multiple login accounts, different levels of authorisation and access control. Bring this together with Surveil’s Hybrid Cloud Management Platform with a single log-in and manage it all in one tool.

Surveil Core Icon

Surveil Core

Complete end-to-end management of your Azure and on-premise environments

Azure and O365 Management Icon

Azure and O365 Management

Single pane Azure-related management

Azure Stack Management Icon

Azure Stack Management

Manage your Azure Stack from end-to-end

Skype for Business/Teams Icon

Skype for Business/Teams

Monitoring of Skype for Business calls and quality of network

Sentry IoT

Sentry - IoT

Monitor and control your environment and network health

Asset and Configuration Management Icon

Asset and Configuration Management

Automated and custom Asset and configuration management tied into the monitoring components

Media Management Icon

Media Management

Manage media distribution to any endpoint

Content Distribution Icon

Content Distribution

Content distribution, patching and file management on any platform

Azure Cloud Cost Management Icon

Hybrid Cloud Cost Management

Business based Cloud billing and management of Azure and Office 365 costs

Hybrid Licensing Management Icon

Hybrid Licensing Management

Fully manage cloud and on- premise based licenses