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Microsoft cost and licensing optimisation, security and identity management

Surveil SLIM gives you Office 365 and Azure cost and license optimisation, security and identity management. Bring all your Microsoft costs together – even for your on-premise environments like Azure Stack. Control and forecast cloud spend and budgets in the financial language you speak in your company. Understand the best Microsoft pricing models and how to optimise these across your environments. Have an on-going understanding of your joiners-leavers and identities. Get help adopting the collaboration technologies that you have paid for. Leverage our AI Engine to give you insights never seen before.

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Manage your cloud and on-premise environments in a true single-pane-of-glass

Surveil HCM is an underlying Hybrid Cloud Management platform that integrates to existing, new and legacy systems – both in the cloud and on-premise. Surveil HCM creates a Single-Pane-of-Glass allowing you to monitor, manage and secure your hybrid environments. Our platform can be deployed as a cloud multi-tenant SaaS, or individually on-premise – on various operating systems and databases. Surveil HCM’s capabilities are common from the Cloud all the way to our Sentry on-site AI device. The result is a multi-purpose platform that can be used across multitude of datacenter services and right down to IoT devices.