Smart Cloud Optimisation and Microsoft Management

Optimise, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments with deep analytics, powered by AI and presented in clear dashboards.

Beyond Cost Optimisation

Take your optimisation journey beyond short-term cost savings, with cost control, allocation, governance, and continuous improvement.

Deep Analytics

Surveil's AI-driven insights are far-reaching and outpace existing admin portals - surfacing deep analytics without difficulty.

Turn Cloud Wastage into Usage

Cloud sprawl and resource wastage are a thing of the past, with intelligence-backed strategies and greater control over the Microsoft investment.

Embolden FinOps Activity

Take your FinOps strategy to the next level with greater visibility over your cloud estate, resources, and expenditure.

Channel Partner Model

Channel Partners can leverage Surveil's insights to identify sales opportunities, develop long-lasting customer relationships, and move at speed.

Your Global Experts

We've gathered Microsoft experts from around the world, ready to support your digital transformation, FinOps, and optimisation strategies.