Surveil for Microsoft 365

Surveil for Microsoft 365

Maximise your Microsoft 365 investment with Surveil. 

Developed by ITEXACT and with a reach of almost 4 million users worldwide, Surveil is the cloud optimisation tool built to help our customers to maximise their Microsoft 365 investment by optimising licenses, improving productivity, securing identities, and getting a firmer grasp on usage and adoption.

Optimise with Surveil for Microsoft 365


Optimise your Microsoft 365 environment through cost-saving recommendations, productivity-inducing automation, and streamlined licensing – all from one place.

risk, security, and governance


Close lingering security gaps and make headway on your Zero Trust journey by resolving joiner/mover/leaver vulnerabilities, automating governance, and securing user identities.

Gain Control with Surveil for Microsoft 365


Wield AI-powered intelligence to make decisive and informed business decisions, tapping into cost transparency, automated insights, and powerful metrics – presented in clear, custom-based dashboards.

Optimise Microsoft Azure with Surveil

One Platform, Many Opportunities

Looking for a way to optimise, secure, and control your customers’ Microsoft 365 environment too? The Surveil for M365 platform uses the same powerful interface to help organisations achieve their goals. Ask our team about booking a free demo.

Surveil for Microsoft 365

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