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Join a growing network of resellers and strategic partners who are already benefiting from adding Surveil to their offering.

Working primarily through our Partner Channel, we’ve been able to introduce Surveil to over 5 Million identities – and counting.

By leveraging Surveil’s insights, partners can cultivate long-term customer relationships that are fresh, valuable, and highly successful.

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    Dive deeper into Microsoft 365 and Azure than ever before to unearth new business opportunities and intelligence.

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    Enjoy sales, marketing, and technical support every step of the way through our Surveil Together partner program.

    Fast Results

    Fast onboarding, fast insights, fast selling all contribute towards fast results for you and your customers.

    Evolve, nurture, and develop long-term customer relationships
    Leverage Surveil insights to identify new opportunities
    Create transparency within customer environments
    Support customers in their cloud optimisation plans
    Convert cloud wastage to value - quickly and effectively


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