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With Surveil, a Leading UK Water Supplier is Free to Manage Today and Plan for Tomorrow

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In a fast-moving and competitive world, businesses know they need to keep one eye on today and another on tomorrow. This was the objective of the leading UK water supplier who turned to Surveil’s AI driven insights to build an early – and ongoing – understanding of their Microsoft 365 environment. 

With responsibility for over five thousand employees and millions of customers up and down the country, a renowned national water supplier had plenty of their plate even before the events of 2020 complicated their world further. As such, the explosion in remote working and identities necessitated the deployment of a reliable cloud-based infrastructure, leading to a rollout of Microsoft 365 across the business.  

With Microsoft 365 at their disposal, the customer was able to support remote and flexible working, manage a growing number of identities, and relieve the pressure of mounting support requests on the IT department. 

In order to maximise Microsoft 365’s capabilities in the long-term, however, the customer knew they needed deep, reliable analytics, underpinned by recommendations. Such insight – particularly into usage and adoption, as well as cost optimisation – would also help to ensure the investment was as valuable as it possibly could be. To create an early sense of clarity that could be maintained from one source, the customer turned to the Surveil platform. 

Primarily, the customer wanted to use Surveil’s actionable insights to monitor how Microsoft 365 and its features were being used, adopted, managed, and optimised across the business. However, they also found great value in how the platform surfaced information faster, more effectively, and to a greater depth than was possible with native tooling.  

With Surveil at their fingertips, the customer discovered simplicity in managing their identities, capable of making quick, confident decisions while identifying areas of improvement and methods of remediation within Microsoft 365.  

As a result of using Surveil, the customer is free to look beyond today to start planning for the future. Leveraging Surveil’s in-depth, real-time data, the customer can look ahead to licence renewals, maintaining usage and adoption, and maximising the potential value of their Microsoft investment. 

Want a Surveil success story like this for your customers? Find out more about Surveil and our partner programme on our website or get in touch directly to arrange a sneak peek. 

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