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Image: Surveil's Celebrating Growth One Year on from Investment

Surveil’s Celebrating Growth One Year on from Investment

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One year on from private investment, the Surveil team have plenty to celebrate. What’s changed in that time?

To say the last twelve months have been eventful would be an understatement – and one that neglects to mention all the emotions and hard work from our team at Surveil.

Wind the clock back twelve months, and you’ll find us just as plucky and ambitious, fresh off receiving private investment. Since then, we’ve put our resources and investors’ belief to good use, propelling Surveil into a new era of transformation, simplification, and success right across the globe.

Indulge us as we reminisce…


Building a Partner Channel

Back in 2021, we decided that the way forward for Surveil was through a Partner Channel Model. By working directly with fellow Microsoft Partners, we recognised Surveil’s ability to support their customers’ smart cloud optimisation objectives. We believed Surveil’s in-depth, AI-driven analytics could surface the M365 and Azure insights they needed to develop long-term customer relationships, facilitate long-term cost optimisation, and secure customer environments and investments. Our partners agreed.

Since August 2021, we’ve doubled the number of Surveil partners globally. Underpinning these relationships is the Surveil Together partner programme, which we’ve also been able to build, deliver, and evolve over the last year. When it was first announced, Surveil Together encompassed the Partner Hub and a robust journey from sign-up to success. Over the last few months, we’ve been able to further develop the programme to include Surveil Academy, the Surveil Sales Champion offering, escrow-as-a-service via our friends at NCC Group, and many exciting co-marketing opportunities.

Building Our Team

We’ve also been fortunate to welcome a number of new additions to our ranks, building a remote team capable of supporting partners, developing Surveil’s functionality, and keeping everything ticking along. From the arrival of our CEO, Neil May, and additions in Marketing, Partner Success, and Sales, to a new Sales Director appointment and many skilled technical individuals bolstering Surveil’s expertise.

Now, our team counts 35 brilliant people among its number, waving the Surveil flag from Surrey to Tokyo, San Diego to Vilnius. In July, we saw extra growth in our global reach with the launch of Surveil Inc, our American subsidiary helmed by Sherman Crancer. We’ve got an exciting adventure ahead of us as we continue to build on the foundations we’ve put down in the States.


Building Our Offering

Of course, none of this would be relevant without the Surveil platform itself, and the last twelve months have seen us make some significant changes and plant the seeds for future developments. For example, we were able to launch the Azure Health Check, which presents a snapshot of an environment to help optimise and utilise cloud resources – a crucial FinOps exercise, especially in a recession. We’ve got many more exciting features and functionalities on the horizon, made possible by the foundations our team have put down.

Another change we’re very proud of is the long-running effort to simplify the Surveil experience. We listened to feedback and have been working hard on paring back dashboards, tweaking navigation to be more intuitive, and ensuring all the functionality is clear and understood. We’ll have more on our simplification project once new features go live – and we’re very excited to share it with everybody.

All of these developments have enabled us to pass five million identities monitored mark – a milestone we’re particularly proud of – and now we’re looking to the next great success metrics.


Where Will the Next Twelve Months Take Us?

It’s been a brilliant year since investment, but we’re only just beginning. Now, with a strong foundation upon which to build, the really great stuff can begin to happen. We’re already looking forward to joining up with new partners, running interesting co-marketing campaigns, and introducing smart cloud optimisation to Microsoft users right across the globe.

Before all that, however, we just want to say thank you – to our team, our investors, our partners, and our Surveil users. Without you, none of this would be possible; thanks for coming along for the ride!

Find out more about becoming a Surveil Partner to offer your customers deep Microsoft insights here. Looking to use Surveil for your own organisation? Get in touch to find out how our growing partner community can assist.


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