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ITEXACT looks back on 2021

Looking Back on 2021

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What will you remember 2021 for? Despite being another eventful year in the shadow of the pandemic, there’s been plenty to celebrate over the last twelve months – much of which sets the scene for a successful 2022.

December brings with it a sense of nostalgia for the very recent past. This is the ideal time to take stock of our achievements and look back at how the year has unfolded. Although few of us will remember this year fondly – for obvious reasons – there have still been positives, and we think they’re worth celebrating.

For Surveil, there have been a number of noteworthy moments in 2021. From launching our partner programme and securing private investment, to welcoming new hires and new partners, it’s been an exciting few months to say the least.

On a bigger scale, we’ve seen proof that hybrid working can be successful, that big businesses are waking up to the threat of climate change, and that the digital skills gap of today may be closer to being bridged tomorrow.

What follows are just a few choice highlights from the year, but feel free to share your own with us over on Twitter.

The Future of the Workplace

While normality didn’t make the grand comeback we were hoping for in 2021, we did manage to catch a glimpse of what the future of the workplace could be.

Hybrid working took centre stage for much of the year, helping organisations to strike the balance of remote working and a return to the office in light of lifted restrictions. Two years into the pandemic, we can now see that hybrid working is seen favourably by employees, with Microsoft finding that over half of those surveyed would quit if hybrid working was axed. For employees, the shake-up has opened up new opportunities for a work-life balance, while employers are seeing what’s possible when they can tap into new, remote markets.

On the subject of work-life balance, we’ve also seen the 4-day week become a reality. While researchers continue to make a strong case for shortened work weeks preventing burnout, other organisations have already taken action. The UAE, for example, is introducing a four-and-a-half day working week for federal entities as of January, while the UK’s Atom Bank introduced the new work week and reduced hours back in November.

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that the workplace is forever changed – and with the necessary technology capable of keeping pace, it shows promise for further evolution in years to come.

Microsoft Renews Climate Change Pledge

Back in 2020, Microsoft announced its intention to become carbon negative by 2030. One year on, and the company had managed to reduce its carbon emissions by 6%, making instantly measurable growth on the path to 2030. This year also included COP26, the UN climate change conference, where Microsoft proposed collaborative ways to reduce carbon and make a positive impact on the environment – including smart cities, adaption and resilience, and scaling carbon removal.

To show our support for Microsoft’s green efforts, we were proud to sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge, joining a roster of like-minded partners who wish to see ethical AI development, diversity and inclusion, and greater sustainability.

The urgency to address our own impact on the environment truly grew in 2021, with a strong response from businesses and governments alike. As we head in 2022, we must make a conscious decision to apply the knowledge we’ve acquired to do what we can to make a positive change.  

How Was Surveil’s 2021?

For Surveil, 2021 played host to many defining moments. Chief among them was our securing of new private investment – a move that simultaneously marked a new era for us, while celebrating all that had gone before.

The investment brought with it a number of new opportunities for Surveil’s cloud optimisation tool Surveil to be further developed, finding its place in front of an expanded global audience. The investment also enabled us to welcome a number of new players to our team to enhance our consulting, marketing, sales, and development capabilities.

As we continue to grow in 2022, we’ll look back on this initial step on a much longer journey with much fondness and appreciation.

Interested in partnering with us in 2022? Let’s talk in the New Year – and in the meantime, have a wonderful festive season, from our team to yours!


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