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How Surveil Together Supports Partners on Their Go To Market Journey

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Picture the scene: you’ve entered a new channel partnership and you now have the momentous task of securing go-to-market success. Where do you begin?

Sure, you knew that the uncertainty of where to start would likely be the first hurdle to overcome, and how it’s navigated will surely define the partnership’s early success. It’s a daunting prospect – we know, we’ve been there.

When we first launched Surveil Together in September 2021, our aim was simple: we wanted to take our own experience of staring down that long and winding road and use it to craft a foundational partner programme upon which success could be built.

Since then, Surveil Together has further evolved, with new developments to tackle early challenges and ensure the long-term health of a partnership. It’s been a while, so we thought we’d reintroduce the world to Surveil Together – and to demonstrate how we support our partners’ go-to-market journeys.


A Partner Hub to Call Their Own

The crown jewel of our partner programme is the Partner Hub, a secure SharePoint site offered to each of our partners. As an extension of existing Microsoft environments, it made sense to choose SharePoint – helped by its effortless management, options to collaborate, and multi-factor authentication.

On their very own Partner Hub, a partner can access a world of sales and marketing possibilities. It’s from here that they can access ready to brand collateral, collaborate on campaigns, and receive briefings on new features and messages. Designed to grow alongside a partnership, the Partner Hub continues to evolve as our relationship does, with new and updated content made available to reflect a partner’s needs.

In the early days, the Partner Hub’s tremendous value is particularly pronounced, serving as an excellent starting point to brief internal teams, plot campaigns, and inspire go-to-market messaging. It’s definitely the first stop for many partner sales and marketing teams.


A Surveil Sales Champion by Their Side

To light a roaring campfire, one must first elicit a spark – though there’s a challenge to be had if you have no tools or directions. If the Partner Hub supplies those tools, then the Surveil Sales Champion is the hero who guides their usage.

Working with partners across a three-month period, the Champion assists in briefing teams, identifying initial opportunities from prospects and customers, and even supports with the Health Check process.

Their goal is to ensure a partner is all set up for independence by the end of the initial period, though they can be retained for longer if needed to help partner teams feel confident in finding their feet.


Ready to Market Together

At a time when brands have to stand out in a noisy and competitive landscape, marketers can find themselves with a growing stack of priorities to tackle. Adding another service or product offering doesn’t need to make that stack grow any more precarious, however.

Our marketing team can plug into a partner’s internal department to support the planning, execution, and follow-up of various marketing activities, including:

  • Webinars
  • Email campaigns
  • Co-branded collateral
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Strategic support
  • And much more

By tapping into the team’s experience, proximity to the product owners, and existing resources, a partner can benefit from a deluge of co-marketing opportunities – and there’s someone to share the workload with.


…Plus Everything Else You’d Expect

Sometimes, the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented. Many of our partners have experience in channel partnerships, and so we’ve ensured that our Surveil Together programme also provides support in the form of familiar advantages.

For example, we know that SaaS partnerships benefit from a little know-how – and who knows Surveil better than our product team? From onboarding and demos, to fielding suggestions and resolving issues, our technical experts are anything but removed from the go-to-market process.

Likewise, our partners naturally have access to an excellent Partner Success Manager to steer them in the right direction and to serve as a single point of contact. Their guidance might also include an introduction to our talented training providers, escalla, with whom we developed the Surveil Academy – a selection of courses to empower partner teams.


It’s All Waiting for Partners

A year on, our Surveil Together programme has already evolved drastically to meet partners’ needs – but we’ve no intention of slowing down now. Our team is working continuously to provide new resources, opportunities, and support to maximise the value partners see from their relationships with us. With the pressure off, partners can focus their efforts on positioning Surveil to help customers with cost optimisation, security improvements, and strategic insights – and we love seeing each partner’s unique approach.

Want to know what being a Surveil partner is all about? Find out more here, or get in touch with our team to arrange a demo.

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