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Announcing Stuart Blakemore as our new Sales Director

Announcing Our New Sales Director: Stuart Blakemore

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This month, we’re celebrating a new appointment, as Stuart Blakemore becomes our Sales Director – a perfect match for our next phase of growth.

Sometimes, it’s nice to step back and take stock of how far you’ve travelled on a journey. It’s been almost a year since we received private investment, kicking off an exciting phase of growth and evolution for Surveil. Since then, a lot’s happened – our team has grown, our partner community has flourished, and we’re starting to branch out further across the globe than ever before.

While we’re taking the opportunity to pause and smell the roses, however, we can also see the challenges of growth lying ahead of us, hurdles in the road we still need to overcome. To make sure we clear said hurdles, we’re announcing the appointment of Stuart Blakemore as our Sales Director – news we’re very excited about.


Growing, Growing, Grown

Between the popularity of new ways of working and the need to optimise resources after a particularly tough couple of years, more and more organisations are looking to our Surveil platform for assistance. As such, the last twelve months have been tremendously energetic, as we take on board new feedback, look to evolve our brand, and welcome a new host of Channel Partners to our community.

In fact, since the beginning of 2022, we’ve already seen the number of Channel Partners we work with double – a testament to the vast capabilities of Surveil to bring value to its users, the support provided by our Surveil Together program, and the skills of Stuart and his team.

Now, as we look to continue scaling up, we’re investing in strengthening our growing network, adding more value to Surveil Together, and building out our global presence. To help facilitate all that, we knew we needed somebody capable to lead the charge.


The Guy for the Job

Stuart joined us in November 2021, bringing with him several years (we won’t say how many) of sales expertise and a passion for global IT solutions. As Partner Sales Manager, Stuart has been instrumental in steering Surveil’s sales output. In this role, he’s taken the sales reins and guided the team to success, contributing greatly to the growth we can now celebrate.

Stuart has also directly impacted initiatives, and you may recognise him from his series of ‘Start the Clock’ videos on LinkedIn. For our partners, he’s one of the key players behind our Surveil Sales Champion initiative, implanting one of our Surveil selling experts within our partners to help them maximise the opportunities provided by Surveil.

In short, it should be no surprise that Stuart finds himself as Sales Director, just in time to lead us along the road to increased growth.


Now the Fun Begins

The Surveil team are an ambitious lot: as we evolve, so too do our goals. Our new Sales Director is no exception. To quote Stuart in his LinkedIn announcement, this is where the fun really begins.

Firmly locked in Stuart’s sights are the opportunities to further grow our Partner Network, enhancing our Channel Partner model, and nurturing our local community here in the UK. To do this, Stuart will be growing the sales team and overseeing the likes of the Surveil Sales Champion scheme to demonstrate the value of Surveil for current and prospective partners alike.

While Surveil’s success is blooming, now’s the prime time to start sowing the seeds for the future. With new challenges – such as Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) – and incoming Surveil features, the road ahead is shaping up to be very exciting for Stuart and the Surveil team. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Once again, the entire team would like to extend our congratulations to Stuart – now let the real fun begin!

Get to know Stuart for yourself or get in touch to arrange a conversation around Surveil’s amazing insights.

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