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How Surveil Insights Help You to Do More With Less is written beside two figures holding a lightbulb.

How Surveil Insights Help You to ‘Do More With Less’

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More than ever, IT leaders are being asked to do more with less, balancing growing requirements with shrinking budgets. Luckily, they’re increasingly in a position to do so – all thanks to having the right insights at their fingertips. 

When Microsoft announced their ‘Do More With Less’ campaign at the tail-end of 2022, the message surely resonated heavily with IT leaders. Here was a tech giant proposing a method for maximising output and investment through a smart approach – perfectly timed for the escalation of global difficulties. 

At its heart, Do More With Less is an exercise in easing IT departments’ workload through modernisation, capitalising on existing solutions and consolidating functionality to increase efficiency, security, and hybrid working enablement.   

With a focus on specific areas, the campaign provides a fantastic sense of direction for businesses. But to really drive success, businesses need to pair Microsoft’s ideas with the insights that can inform the journey ahead. That’s where Surveil comes in. 

How Surveil Aligns to Do More With Less

Surveil is a cloud optimisation platform that leverages read-only access and deep analytics to surface powerful optimisation intelligence for Azure and Microsoft 365. With smart cloud optimisation as our central tenet, ‘Do More With Less’ is a message with which our team feel a great affinity. 

As such, our Surveil SaaS platform aligns with Microsoft’s Do More With Less messaging in surprising and empowering ways, providing the knowledge that makes the call to action possible. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Eliminate Redundant Solutions 

In this area, Microsoft is encouraging organisations to cut licensing costs by as much as 60% by consolidating complex licensing structures. In particular, there’s an opportunity to remove duplicated third-party functionality in favour of seamless native integration within Microsoft 365.  

How Surveil Helps 

  • Simplify Licensing Forecasts: Surface the intelligence needed to guide customers towards smarter licensing choices. 
  • Visibility of the Microsoft World: Deep analytics shed a light on usage and adoption, allowing customers to remove and reinvest unused functionality. 
  • Shed Third Parties: Identify unnecessary third-party licences and duplicated functionality. 
  • Automated Processes: Partners can turn away from manual processes, automating the retrieval of data. 
  • Underpin Managed Services: Surveil’s actionable insights can be leveraged to underpin managed services and consulting. 
  • Cost Optimisation in Action: Partners can present optimisation opportunities, measuring their success after implementation. 


Simplify IT Management 

On a larger scale, Microsoft is encouraging simplification with their Do More With Less messaging – and this is particularly evident in their second pillar of recommendations. By automating system updates, organisations can reduce IT management cost by 40% and time spent on device management by 24%, all the while optimising the experience for both employees and IT teams. 

How Surveil Helps 

  • Accessible Insights: Surveil’s read-only, RBAC requirements, and simple dashboards open analytics up to non-technical roles  
  • Govern with Confidence: Surveil enables effective governance of identities, security and environment – all powered by a Business Logic Engine 
  • Daily View of the World: Surveil gathers insights in near real-time, automatically – removing the cost of manual processes 
  • Device Insights in One Place: Customers can better see how MFA has been adopted, and how devices are being used across the organisation – including call quality 


Protect the Digital Worker 

Lastly comes a huge priority for many businesses as we embrace new ways of working: securing the work experience for hybrid and remote employees. In this area, Microsoft is pushing for greater flexibility, fewer breaches, and reduced security costs using pre-integrated solutions. Simply enabling a zero-trust security model can reportedly reduce data breach risk by 45% and overall IAM security management costs by 50% – making the time and effort investment more than worthwhile. 

How Surveil Helps 

  • Full Home/Hybrid Working Analytics: Deep insights into call quality, collaboration, and devices from across departments and locations. 
  • Deprecate Duplicated Functionality: Identify and optimise third-party costs to reduce spend and risk, ready to reinvest in E3/E5. 
  • Govern Costly Risks: Leverage insights and governance recommendations to continuously optimise security, reducing costs and supporting compliance. 
  • Improvement Through Understanding: Manage security through industry standard analytics, going on to recognise the relevant solutions needed to remediate gaps. 
  • Continuous Monitoring of Security Gaps: Uncovers unused licences, lingering access, and adoption of security features, such as MFA. 
  • Secure Score Focus: A Security Assessment drives the conversation by evaluating Secure Score versus industry benchmarks – ultimately building a case for Secure Score investment. 

Let’s be honest: we love the idea of doing more with less – leveraging actionable insights to optimise costs, security, and collaboration is something the Surveil team is well-versed in.  

With Surveil’s deep analytics supporting our partners’ customers, we’re looking forward to helping even more organisations to see just how much more they can do with what they have. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than maximising an investment! 

To find out more about how Surveil can support your (or your customers’) Do More With Less initiatives, contact us today!  

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