Smart cloud optimisation will help Microsoft customers to prepare for a crisis

Prepare for the Storm with Smart Cloud Optimisation

There’s a storm on the horizon; how confident do your customers feel?

Ask clouds gather on the horizon and the public braces themselves for a recession, Microsoft Partners are well-placed to shield their customers from the oncoming storm.


As with a real storm, preparation is key when it comes to a potential crisis; the best way to prepare is to be confident in your knowledge of the current situation:


What resources are at your disposal? Where can costs be optimised? Where might there be risks?


Using smart cloud optimisation – i.e., deep, persistent, automated insights with the recommendations to support – Surveil partners are able to guide provide their customers the answers to these questions, as well as the ability to more confidently forecast cloud procurement and make powerful business decisions.



Let's Talk Smart Cloud Optimisation

    Forecast More Accurately

    Draw on a greater understanding of current and historical licensing costs to better forecast requirements and spend.

    Unlock Customer Resources

    Identify potential savings to unlock customer resources – allowing for cost reinvestment, resource repurposing, or simply saving for a rainy day.

    Beyond Cost Optimisation

    Don’t stop at a simple cost-cutting exercise; deliver cost control, governance, and continuous improvement with a ‘beyond cost optimisation’ mindset.

    Help to cut resource costs - not people costs.
    Smart cloud optimisation gives the option to cut, reinvest, or drive usage.
    Use Surveil's insights to identify gaps and match a service offering.
    Give customers the confidence to make licensing decisions no matter the weather.
    Gather helpful insights efficiently and deploy them effectively.
    Introduce more effective, longer-term cost optimisation.

    Why Your Customers’ Microsoft Insights Are Key to Their Survival

    Join us as we explore how Microsoft Partners can leverage Microsoft 365 and Azure insights as a key resource to help customers better navigate the perfect storm of bloated inflation, higher costs, and dropping confidence.

    We’ll also be discussing how those insights can be gathered efficiently and deployed effectively to stem the loss of people and useful resources as organisations turn to cost-cutting exercises.

    11th October, 16:00 GMT


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