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Navigating Microsoft’s Modern CSP Offering


The Microsoft licensing world has fundamentally changed, unleashing opportunities for a major disruption of the Microsoft landscape. Understand how you can take advantage of this, beat the market and establish new business in solutions and license revenue. Understand the fundamentals of EA and CSP, then discover the opportunities provided by CSP and how cloud cost consumption can be presented and understood using the revolutionary AI tool Surveil!

This interactive, virtual training course, will give you the fundamentals of EA and CSP licence structures in a practical and useful format. You will gain insight into organisational licensing structures, security considerations, errors, examples of wastage, and opportunities to improve value and service. This course is essential for anyone working in the Microsoft licensing and Managed solutions space. The informed will prosper.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the fundamentals of Microsoft CSP and Enterprise agreements
  • Discover how Surveil unlocks and presents CSP and EA information
  • Identifying opportunities for CSP

Who’s It For?

This course is aimed at

  • LSP/CSP Sales Personnel and Licensing Specialists
  • Microsoft Partner Sales Personnel and Licensing Specialists

There are no prerequisites to this course, but we recommend that you move onto the foundation course to help consolidate and build your knowledge.

Course Modules

1. The fundamentals of Microsoft EA and CSP

  • What is an Enterprise agreement?
  • What is CSP?
  • Comparing EA to CSP

2. Surveil and Microsoft Cloud cost consumption

  • What is Surveil
  • How Surveil uniquely presents and breaks down your consumption
  • Licence optimisation in Surveil

3. Identifying CSP opportunities

  • How does an organisation qualify for a CSP solution?
  • Asking the right questions
  • Strategy for delivering successful solutions – helping you and your customers achieve their business goals
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