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Azure Health Check powered by Surveil

Demystifying Cloud Costs with the Azure Health Check

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Your customers are tightening their belts – and the cloud remains a potentially expensive, if valuable, asset. Is it possible to help them optimise the cost and usage of Azure resources, without diminishing any of the value? Of course! And a free Azure Health Check is the starting point.

Cost optimisation is in our blood: Surveil was initially brought to life as a licence optimisation tool to help its users to better understand and detangle the complicated nature of their Microsoft environment. As time has progressed, Surveil has continued to evolve to encompass security, decision-making, collaboration, and building a general confidence in the Microsoft investment.

That being said, cost optimisation remains a cornerstone of Surveil – and with the pressure on global finances growing, it’s more important than ever. To address this concern, while also protecting Microsoft investments, we’ve developed the Azure Health Check – an exercise powered by Surveil to help businesses develop a better understanding of their Azure resource usage, wastage, security, and costing. Identifying an average of between 17-30% savings, the Azure Health Check is the first step towards true cost optimisation.

What to Expect from an Azure Health Check

The Azure Health Check is a free, 21-day exercise that exclusively requires read-only access – leaving it to be lean, secure, and hugely powerful. Leveraging into Surveil’s powerful analytical capabilities, the Health Check provides a summarised snapshot of potential savings opportunities, across a number of technical categories, including:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Storage
  • Kubernetes
  • Hybrid Benefits
  • Azure Tagging
  • Reserved Instances
  • Zombie Resources
  • Secure Score
  • As well as cost overviews, forecasting, and optimisation

The resulting report is where the Health Check shines, presenting back Surveil’s findings. Containing both summary and deep-reaching insights, the report uproots hidden opportunities to right-size, optimise, and enhance cloud resource usage – leaving customers with the choice to trim costs or to expand into their Azure’s unused capabilities.

What Are the Benefits?

For customers, the Azure Health Check allows for the maximisation of their Microsoft investment – whatever shape that might take.

  • They can tap into potentially substantial cost saving opportunities – including unused Microsoft benefits – to reduce cloud costs and reinvest expenditure elsewhere
  • Or, using insights into the usage, wastage and potential of their various Azure resources, they can make confident decisions around where to increase scope, expand operations, or invest further to make the most of what’s on offer.

Partners, meanwhile, can rely on the Azure Health Check as a low-cost, low-requirement pre-sales activity from which they can deepen their customer relationships, or kick off a prospect’s journey – all supported by Surveil.

Where to Get Started

It’s safe to say we’re very excited about the Azure Health Check and what it means for our partners and their users. If you’re feeling as enthusiastic – or even just a little curious – there are a number of ways you can get started:

  • I’m already a Surveil Together Partner: Feel free to reach out to your Partner Success Manager or Surveil Champion to launch your first Azure Health Checks
  • I’m not a Surveil Together Partner, but want to know more: Read all about becoming a partner here and check out our Azure Health Check one-pager.
  • I’m an end customer/Surveil user: Want to run an Azure Health Check for your organisation? Get in touch.

Don’t panic about your cloud costs – take a deep breath and let’s demystify Azure costs and resource usage together, with the power of Surveil.

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