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April Fool’s 2022: Building Better Worlds: Surveil Extends Its Watchful Eye to Minecraft

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Hey, it’s not all about Microsoft 365 and Azure anymore. With the rise of Microsoft’s own metaverse ambitions and their domination of the cloud, we decided to take Surveil along for the ride – with all-new Minecraft reporting features.

Today, April 1st, 2022, we are proud to share that the ITEXACT development team have been working tirelessly to extend Surveil’s deep, secure, read-only analytics into the world of Minecraft – exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox. Now, gamers can enjoy the same invaluable insights as Microsoft Partners and end users of Azure and M365. Here’s how it works.

Count Your Zombies

While Surveil’s M365 and Azure iterations are both useful at taking the horror out of zombie accounts, relieving budgetary strain and freeing up unused licences, Surveil for Minecraft is taking things a little more literally.

Now, gamers will be able to delve into the truly useful statistics that illustrate just how these mobs tick. Surveil provides insights into how many zombies are currently swarming the door of your player-made house, how many hits can be delivered before your wooden sword breaks, and whether or not zombie slaying really is the most efficient path to gaining experience points. It’s all available to access straight from your Minecraft dashboard.

Optimise Redstone Usage

Just as our current Surveil for Azure and Surveil for M365 users can benefit from drawing upon powerful licensing, adoption, and security data to make sound business decisions, users of our Surveil for Minecraft platform will be able to proceed with their intricate redstone design decisions with confidence.

By analysing your redstone supply, previous usage, and the ambition of your current objective to build a working computer in Minecraft, Surveil will deliver the recommendations and insights needed to streamline your design and save your dwindling supply of redstone torches.

How Safe is Your World?

Security is a theme prevalent in all our Surveil instances – whether it’s monitoring MFA usage, raising the alarm on lingering leavers with permissions, or supporting employee buy-in.

This is especially true on Surveil for Minecraft, where our platform will be able to accurately determine the security of your player house. Now, players will know whether their cobblestone house is really very effective against Creepers, or if they should’ve stretched for the obsidian after all.

Meanwhile, Surveil will highlight untrustworthy given host permissions, determining whether or not it’s safe to let a stranger have access to unlimited TNT near your latest creation after all.

Item Usage and Adoption

Finally, a popular aspect of our Surveil platform has always been usage and adoption statistics. Whereas our Azure and M365 users can use these insights to inform cost optimisation exercises by reporting on which solutions are going unused, Surveil for Minecraft users will be able to analyse how they’re using certain items.

Does a player really need another flower cluttering up their toolbar? Are they putting the 64x blocks of sand they collected twenty hours earlier to good use? And is using their last two gold ingots on a golden hoe (that they won’t use) really a good idea? Surveil can draw on historical data, the latest ‘Top 5 Most Useless Minecraft Items’ article, and a range of factors to ensure players are only stashing what they’ll use.

Interested in finding out more about how Surveil can help you to build a better world, block by block? Request a beta test by emailing – we look forward to hearing from you.

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