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3 Cloud Resolutions to Elevate Your Azure in 2024

3 Cloud Resolutions to Elevate Your Azure in 2024

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All out of resolutions before January’s even over? We’ve got you covered with three ideas sure to elevate your Azure environment this year.


January may be drawing to a close (already), but there’s still time to decide on a resolution or two for the New Year. Organisations looking to embrace all the excitement of digital transformation and incoming AI capabilities in 2024 need look no further than optimising their Azure cloud environment for some goal inspiration. Which resolution are you choosing?



  1. Adopt a FinOps Structure


Finops unifies financial accountability with cloud technology, promoting a business culture where teams are empowered to make data-driven decisions. According to McKinsey, organisations that embrace FinOps can improve cloud cost visibility by 30-40% and reduce wasted cloud resources by up to 35% – making it a huge contender for your New Year resolution. Encouraged by the principles of collaboration and ownership, FinOps allows for personnel across the business to get involved, so your team can all support the move towards an optimised Azure environment.


  1. Get to Grips with Resource Usage


Figuring out what cloud resources are underutilised or overused can allow you to streamline your Azure environment, striking a perfect balance between optimal performance and cost efficiency. What’s more, identifying underutilised resources allows your teams to reallocate budgets to suit them specifically, ensuring that budgets are directed toward areas with higher usage and value to the team. Your Finance Department will love it. Meanwhile, highlighting overused resources paints a picture of memory storage, potential cost savings, and overdue budget requirements – allowing for consumption to more easily scale across the year.


  1. Banish the Zombies


Zooming out to the bigger picture, there are valuable insights to be gleamed from understanding your employee behaviours across the Microsoft environment. Identifying their cloud technology needs allows for better allocation of resources and costs, while a spotlight on the existence of zombie accounts can minimise unnecessary costs and various painful consequences for your business’ future. In 2024, pledge to banish the zombies and throw a light on usage and adoption to maximise optimisation, minimise risk, and set the stage for Copilot adoption.



Surveil is Your Eye in the Sky


Surveil empowers businesses of all sizes to respond to cloud challenges using AI-powered procurement insights, making it a perfect place to get started. With our deep actionable insights, users have the opportunity to optimise cloud spend, minimise risk and control resource management – opening the way for competitive digital transformation.


Contact Surveil to get started on your Azure optimisation journey, or speak to your Microsoft Partner about a Surveil Health Check.

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