It’s time to revolutionise how your business utilises Azure and Microsoft 365. 

Surveil is the game-changing platform that provides organisations with the deep insights needed to optimise costs, secure identities, govern usage, and encourage collaboration across the Microsoft world.

Using read-only access and powered by a purpose-built recommendations engine, Surveil is the efficient way to automate Microsoft analytics without compromising on security – and without being limited to native reporting.

Fortem IT have partnered with Surveil to offer customers an exclusive Health Check that delves deep into Azure or Microsoft 365 to create a snapshot of actionable insights – the perfect start to your optimisation journey.

Take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of Azure and Microsoft 365 with Surveil by requesting a Health Check.

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    Save Time

    Say goodbye to manual reporting. Surveil automates data collection from across Azure and M365, providing comprehensive insights beyond native reporting capabilities.

    Visibility & Transparency

    Gain a deep understanding of your data through a single pane of glass view. Even non-technical individuals can easily comprehend and act upon the information presented.

    Demystify Your Microsoft World

    Surveil unravels your organisation’s Microsoft investment, enabling you to identify duplicated functionality in third-party apps and ensure optimal utilisation.

    Understand Collaboration: Teams Insights provide visibility into collaboration patterns between departments, as well as call quality and device usage.
    Plan Ahead: Leverage Surveil’s forecasting intelligence to better plan for licensing renewals by aligning your current subscriptions with actual needs.
    Adoption and Usage: Identify under-utilised solutions and features, minimising costs, mitigating security risks, and reducing the proliferation of shadow IT.
    Improve Secure Score: Surveil helps you understand and improve your Microsoft Secure Score, guiding you towards achieving the highest level of security.
    Cost Saving: Identify opportunities to optimise costs by eliminating unused licenses, under-utilised Azure resources, and unnecessary third-party applications.
    Security and Governance: Detect and address security gaps such as lingering permissions, unused accounts, low MFA uptake, and excessive admin privileges.