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ITEXACT Signs the Microsoft Partner Pledge

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We can’t overcome the digital skills gap, climate change, and unethical AI alone – which is why Microsoft is inviting its partners to work together by signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

We’re undoubtedly living in a time of challenges. From climate change and the widening skills gap to post-pandemic recovery and concerns around privacy, we’re all increasingly feeling the mounting stakes.

Responding directly to these growing challenges, Microsoft have introduced a number of initiatives, including their enviable Carbon Negative goal and first-of-its-kind MSc Cloud Computing course to name just a few.

Meanwhile, partners are being encourage to show their support by adopting their own issue-busting programmes – and by signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge.


What Does the Partner Pledge Include?

The Partner Pledge addresses the need for technological solutions and unified action in an effort to overcome common – and often global – concerns. To that end, the pledge revolves around three pillars:

  1. Grow Talent… (nurturing digital skills by promoting crucial training, investment in people, creating apprenticeship opportunities, and using Microsoft’s Digital Skills programme)
  2. …Through Diversity and Inclusion… (guided by the Tech Talent Charter)
  3. …For a Desirable World (including sustainability and reduced carbon footprints, as well as the ethical development and implementation of AI)


Why We Signed the Partner Pledge

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with a team who all feel strongly about these areas, it should be little surprise that ITEXACT signed the Partner Pledge in 2021 – and we’re excited to do our part in support Microsoft’s ambitions.

Aside from our team’s passion, there were a number of reasons why we were more than happy to sign:

  • We’re a global business, and to us that means doing what’s best for the world.
  • We believe in nurturing talent, especially as we hire worldwide. This means we can tap into new pools of talent, while also giving back to local communities. We’re also keen on developing and providing training for our partners to help them better understand our tooling, its impact, and the role it plays in the wider IT estate.
  • Surveil is built on innovative AI, so it’s no surprise that we’re big supporters of ethical AI and responsible data usage.
  • We’re all in this together, and no single organisation can change the world for the better all by itself. Plus, we’re happy to be counted among a growing number of partners sharing common goals for the good of the world.

As 2022 rapidly approaches, we’ll be continuing to adapt the Partner Pledge’s focus to our business through exciting new initiatives – and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the partner community has in store either.

If you’d like to find out more about the Microsoft Partner Pledge (and sign it yourself), you can do so here. Together, we can make a better world.


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