M365 Security & Governances Audit

Using the power of Surveil, gain an understanding of the current state of your customers’ Microsoft security and governance all with the recommended actions to drive long-term change.

Do your customers know how exposed their M365 estate is? Is their Microsoft investment secured? Are their users at risk? Our Microsoft 365 Security and Governance Audit is designed to uncover this information, alongside recommendations for the next steps customers can take.

In a shifting threat landscape, many organisations will understand the importance in monitoring the security of their Microsoft  environment, but will struggle with pulling together sufficient information on a regular basis – let alone present it clearly alongside the powerful recommended actions needed to drive change.

Using Surveil, our team will create a snapshot of your Microsoft 365’s security and governance, reviewing current processes, configurations, and security gaps to highlight areas where optimisation is needed.

From MFA usage to administrator roles, our Microsoft 365 Security and Governance Audit will tell you exactly what your customers need to do to maximise the security of their Microsoft 365 environment – and ensure both their IT estate and users are safe and sound.

What to Expect

Review existing processes  and configurations to identify quick wins and long-term gains.

Gain unparalleled insights, powered by Surveil and presented in a tailored report.

Successfully build upon results with recommended actions rooted in fact.

Help customers to benefit from continuous improvement with a regular audit.

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