Azure Security & Governance Audit

Using the power of Surveil, gain an understanding of the current state of your Microsoft Azure security and governance and take the recommended actions to lower cybersecurity risk by driving Azure Identity and resource consistency.

Do you know and understand your customers’ current Azure Policy baselines, and have you identified and mitigated any gaps against best practice? Our Azure Security and Governance Audit uses the powerful Surveil platform to assess your customers’ current posture against relevant policies to identify resources that aren’t meeting their defined requirements.

The resulting insights inform the crucial recommendations that give your customers the confidence to better understand their organisation’s Azure Policy baselines while minimising risk by closing significant security gaps. Meanwhile, you’re better positioned to develop long-term, security-focused relationships with customers – aligned to your security managed services.

What to Expect

Review and establish the existing Azure Security and Identity Baselines.

Minimise cybersecurity risks by correcting infrastructure mis-configurations and applying consistent minimal access role definitions and assignments for Azure Identities

Azure VM, Networking and NSG documentation at the click of a button.

Help customers to benefit from continuous improvement with a regular audit.

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