Active Directory Assessment & Remediation

Incomplete or inaccurate Active Directory user information makes it very difficult for a business to manage and understand the costs associated with their IT spend – including their Office 365 and Azure commitments.

Do your customers have a clear understanding of which of their users are still active, as well as how licensing resources are being assigned in O365? Can this data be easily obtained through metadata such as by business unit, country, or region? Our Active Directory Assessment and Remediation service has been designed to offer such insights, powered by Surveil.

As well as the above, the Active Directory Assessment and Remediation service shines a light on the impact that the Joiners, Movers, Leavers (JML) process has on your customers’ cybersecurity identity risk, offering up best practices for O365 and Azure identity management.

Using Surveil, you’ll be able to help your customers to clearly and granularly identify categories of ‘people’ and ‘objects’ which, when combined with Surveil’s powerful AI, will reveal an organisation’s licence wastage within their O365 estate – providing newfound transparency around Azure spend, by categories defined.

The result is the understanding and knowledge to maximise your customers’ Microsoft investment, minimise the risks to their cybersecurity, and ensure they know what’s going on within their environment.

What to Expect

Review existing business structure and naming conventions with relation to AD metadata.

Provide recommendations and scripts to correct AD metadata.

Develop structured AD user reports, by Business Unit, country etc.

Optimise O365 Licensing and create organisation-wide IT spend transparency.

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