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During this interactive virtual training course, IT Resellers will be introduced to Surveil, the revolutionary cloud optimisation platform from ITEXACT. They will explore, examine, and recognise the key features and benefits of the platform, building an understanding of how the ITExact AI-powered intelligence can optimise, secure, and control the Microsoft environment. Attendees will also learn how to leverage Surveil to identify new opportunities within their current sales activity.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic principles of the Surveil platform, including its key features and benefits
  • Learn how to use Surveil in conversation to cultivate customer opportunities
  • Recognise the key areas of value Surveil provides in relation to common and unique organisational challenges


This is the first course of a five-course pathway exploring Surveil. No prior experience or training is required. Complete this course to receive your foundation level badge.

Who’s It For?

This course is for resellers of Surveil who need to understand the system and how it can add value to the unique challenges organisations face. Perfect for anyone involved in sales or business development roles.

Course Modules

1. Introducing Surveil

  • An overview of Surveil’s functionality, key features, and areas of value
  • Explore the concept of value proposition selling with Surveil
  • Explore intelligence provided by Surveil & the new opportunities it creates

2. Exploring Client Benefits

  • Become familiar with Surveil’s headline benefits across optimisation, security, and business intelligence
  • Identify common organisational challenges addressed by Surveil’s capabilities

3. Exploring Internal Benefits

  • Understand how Surveil can create sales enablement
  • Identifying potential opportunities for up- and cross-selling
  • Learn to leverage long-term strategies and solutions possible through successful use of the tool

4. Value Proposition Selling & Building Strategy

  • Implementing Surveil and becoming a Trusted Advisor, revolutionising quality in service
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