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Use Case - Software developer secures a truthful licensing true-up - complete with savings

Software Developer Secures a Truthful Licensing True-Up – Complete with Savings

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Following the shock of a True-Up proposal that increased their annual licensing expenditure from $820,000 to $1.4million, the IT team at a prolific software development company were feeling the pressure. 


Scrambling to either justify or rectify a 42% increase, the team turned to the Admin Portal to better understand the proposal with the information in their estate. Unfortunately, they lacked the tools, time, and processes required to accurately pull the correct and most powerful data. With time running out and pressure mounting to cut the cost, the customer’s IT team decided they needed outside support. 


Identifying Surveil as a means of surfacing the deep analytics they desperately needed – and fast – the IT team reached out to take part in a read-only Microsoft 365 Health Check. 


Bypassing the complexities of the Admin Portal and time constraints of manual analytics, the Health Check was able to demonstrate a wealth of cost optimisation opportunities, all presented on actionable dashboards. 


The resulting report provided the team with much-needed negotiation support, enabling them to have inactive and blocked users excluded from Microsoft’s calculation, part-time users moved to more suitable subscriptions, and unused Power BI subscriptions re-harvested. 


Ultimately, the customer’s proposed annual true-up bill was reduced by 46%, dropping from the original $1.4million to a much less eye-watering $760,000. Now, the customer is back in control of their licensing costs and much better prepared for the next true-up, thanks to the visibility and insights provided by Surveil’s deep analytics. 


Want a Surveil success story like this for your customers? Find out more about Surveil and our partner programme on our website or get in touch directly to arrange a sneak peek. 

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