Skype for Business and Teams Management

Manage your end-to-end communications path

Poor call quality could be the result of a host of underlying issues like a faulty headset, WAN connectivity problems or problems in the hosting servers. Replace traditional tedious issue resolution methods with Surveil and troubleshoot any voice impacting service or device in one system.

End-to-end communications path infographic

Skype for Business Analytics overview

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Monitor your infrastructure and workplace environment to truly measure and vastly improve call quality.

Efficient Caller Troubleshooting

With detailed User Call Analysis and integration with Sentry for independent call quality monitoring, Surveil helps to ensure you have the tools to empower your business with improved telecommunications. Considering today’s increased demand in remote desktops and off-site locations, the ability to ensure reliable, available and high-quality communications is vital to all aspects of business operations.

Surveil Skype for Business/Teams interface