Sentry - IoT

Your Guard – Remotely Onsite

Surveil Sentry monitors and controls the multiple factors that can affect the stability and functionality of any environment or network. Compact, discreet and highly customisable with an array of connectivity options, built-in camera and microphone capabilities, Surveil Sentry can truly be your eyes and ears to anywhere in the world.

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Network Health Monitoring

Surveil Sentry - IoT interface

With the demand of increased Wi-Fi availability for both on-site and Home Worker Networks for remotely located employees comes the need for network monitoring. Knowing the true bandwidth your branch or home office is operating at or how reliable your network is (amount of jitter or packet loss) is vital to increasing end-user quality of experience and satisfaction.

Environmental Health Monitoring

From humidity and temperature to vibration, light and air quality, environmental conditions have a major impact on our health, comfort and well-being. The effects of the environment play an equally important role in the stability, functionality and safety of everyday machinery and products ensuring optimal operations across industries from Food and Beverage (FNB) to manufacturing.

Environmental Health monitoring interface

Surveillance anytime, anywhere

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A multitude of sensors and connectivity in one box – integrated to your single-pane of-glass. Use it to monitor and troubleshoot your server rooms, your branches, offices or home workers. Cost effective Industrial 4.0 straight out of the box.

Detailed analytics

All your reporting requirements in PowerBI – utilising our own API’s, we can connect to your PowerBI services and present you with a wealth of PowerBI Analytics reports – use these reports as a base for you Analytics and further AI analysis.

Power BI interface