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Use Case: Scientific Instrument Manufacturer Solves Spiking Cloud Cost Mystery

Scientific Instrument Manufacturer Solve Spiking Cloud Cost Mystery

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Recognising that their monthly Azure costs had taken a sudden leap, this customer sought out the root cause – though found that they couldn’t accurately attribute excess spending within the organisation. This challenge arose fresh on the heels of a COVID-19 savings initiative, ramping up the pressure to find the cause of these monthly pricing spikes. 


After turning to Microsoft’s Azure Admin Portal reports and growing frustrated by the limitations, the customer decided that a deeper dive into their Azure environment was needed. They recognised that they needed to surface a great deal of data, quickly, in a way that presented the information clearly. 


To achieve this, the customer opted for an Azure Health Check, powered by Surveil. Within 4 weeks – from setup to completion – Surveil had closely monitored their Azure tenant and generated the insights they were after. The Azure Health Check identified over £50,000 in unused blob storage associated to a testing environment, solving the original mystery and paving the way for the customer to act decisively.  


Following the Health Check, the redundant testing environment was switched off, putting the customer back on track for their monthly cloud savings targets, and opening the door to a more visible future for their Azure estate.  


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