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A scared man representing Microsoft partners holds a torch in a dark room. Red eyes glow behind him.

Microsoft Partners, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

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Ever get the feeling that some shadowy threat is lurking just out of sight in your customers’ Microsoft environment? Well, Surveil’s here to show you there’s nothing to be afraid of.

There’s nothing more unnerving than navigating unfamiliar environs in the dark, accompanied by the truly off-putting sensation that some murky threat is watching from afar.

For Microsoft partners, such a feeling is common when it comes to exploring their customers’ cloud environments. After all, what horrors might be lingering just out of sight? What licensing renewal costs are about to give them a nasty surprise? And how has shadow IT taken a hold of their users?

What’s Hiding in the Dark?

Of all the nasty surprises waiting to surprise you in a cloud environment, the main culprits are often sinister security gaps. These take on many horrifying shapes, but you may recognise them as…

  • Incorrect admin rights being applied to identities, whether used, unused, or not even human to begin with (think printers)
  • Lingering permissions linked to a user’s identity once they’ve left the organisation
  • Underwhelming uptake in MFA, undermining security policies and removing a layer of protection
  • Shadow IT applications that fall outside of IT’s scope and knowledge, increasing risk and costs unnecessarily
  • Unexpected and unwelcome costs, from under-adopted features and lingering licences to remnant cloud resources and unplanned renewals.

Microsoft Partners Lighting the Way

They say that knowledge is the enemy of fear, and it’s because of this wisdom that we feel better once we’ve switched the light on at home. Suddenly, we can see that a scary shape by the door is just the old coat rack or that an open window is the innocuous cause of the curtain ruffling.

Surveil is the equivalent of switching on a light in your customers’ cloud environments. Drawing on Azure and Microsoft 365 data, presented back in simple dashboards, Surveil provides startling visibility across costs, usage, security, adoption, and much more. As a result, horrifying blind spots, festering resources, and creeping costs are all exposed as the tangible and conquerable challenges they are, with actionable insights supporting remediation.

Meanwhile, visibility into their customer environments provides Microsoft partners with the opportunity to identify and remediate cost, usage, security, and licensing issues, strengthening customer relationships and adding formidable value to their service offering.

So, what are you waiting for? Flick on the light, dispel the shadows, become your customers’ hero, and show that them there’s nothing to fear in the dark – not with Surveil lighting the way.

Interested in using Surveil to shed a light on your customers’ cloud environments? Find out more about our partner programme or reach out directly to our team.




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