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Microsoft Secure Score and Surveil

Improve Your Microsoft Secure Score with Surveil

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Microsoft’s Secure Score is offering organisations a way to benchmark and improve their security posture – and Surveil is on hand to help them maximise the result.

‘Security’ has become one of those inescapable words in recent years, exacerbated by our continued dependence on digital ways of working; suddenly, we have so much more to protect from hackers, malicious actors, and other shadowy cybersecurity threats.

But with so many solutions, products, means and measures on offer it can be difficult for organisations to gauge just how well they’re doing on the security front. Are teams using security features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA)? Is the security perimeter stretched too thin? Are devices being successfully managed? It can all become overwhelming very quickly. Enter Secure Score.


What is Secure Score?

Coming to the rescue, Microsoft created Secure Score for its customers. Simply put, Secure Score is a method of assessing your security posture by measuring current security activities across the Microsoft environment. It’s also simple to understand: the higher the number, the more actions there are to take – and Microsoft provides many actions for organisations to undertake on their journey to a better score.

Ultimately, Microsoft understands two fundamentals: organisations want to know how secure they are in a simple yet effective manner, and they will all want to maximise their scores. So how can Microsoft’s customers ensure they’re top of the class in security?


How Surveil Can Help

When it comes to their own Secure Score, our partners’ customers and our Surveil users all have an advantage: much of what Surveil – our cloud asset management and optimisation tool – does impacts the Secure Score.

How Can Surveil Improve Secure Score?

  • Highlighting third-party app usage to help consolidate solutions and shrink the security perimeter, bringing control back to the IT department and scaling back potential Shadow IT .
  • Identifying security gaps – what identities are lingering after a user leaves? Are there too many users with administrative access? Knowing where the gaps are gives organisations a chance to close them.
  • Checking actions are being taken by monitoring licence adoption and feature usage across the IT estate. If MFA is a weakness, for example, Surveil can monitor its usage across employees to ensure everybody’s working towards the same goal.
  • Freeing up resources for reinvestment into security by implementing cost optimisation across the organisation.

In short, Surveil bridges the gap between the Secure Score result and the actions necessary to improve said result. Suddenly, the numerous improvements asked for are less daunting and more easily managed.


Why It’s Worth Using Secure Score

We get it: there’s a lot going on already, so why pay attention to Secure Score? The reality is that Secure Score is a great indicator of your security success, engineered for Microsoft users to be getting the most out of their investment – so it’s centred on what’s relevant to you and your organisation.

Surveil supercharges what is already a valuable feature by making quick work of identifying security gaps, ensuring you get the best possible Secure Score.

Looking to become a Surveil Partner, supercharging your offering, and giving customers a new view into their Microsoft environment? Get in touch and let’s talk.

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