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Support your organisation’s IT commitments without sacrificing scalability, reliability and availability

A complete end-to-end management platform developed with banking-class security, Surveil is the solution to managing your cloud and on-premise environments in a true single pane-of-glass. Platform agnostic with pre-packaged and customisable plug-ins, Surveil complements existing legacy and modern systems and simplifies integration of your entire IT infrastructure. Whether you are managing IoT devices attached to your factory machines, or managed services in your cloud provider – Surveil gives you one view to manage from. Surveil can be your front-end or back-end to complement your existing systems and fill the gaps you have.

Surveil Core interface

Hybrid Cloud Management in a true single pane of glass

Modern demands require a platform that will ensure full monitoring and control across all services in the supply chain – be it the machine controller, the WiFi signal, the WAN, or the server - the ability to see how any one of these services can impact business critical services is invaluable. Surveil Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) Platform is your Single Pane-of-Glass to an increasingly complex and connected world.

Surveil Core interface

Get a full picture of your Hybrid environment

With the Azure and Office 365 Management business extension, monitor and control all your cloud and on-premise workloads with a single log-in.

Now Supporting Azure Stack

Fully monitor and manage your stack environments. Monitoring of the underlying infrastructure is key and we Surveil Hybrid Cloud Cost Management provides this capability out the box. Having the capability to allow your customers or departments to only manage their virtual instances makes this a true multi-tenant platform.

Surveil Azure interface

Clear and Simple overview

With Surveil’s Application Map functionality, view the status of your Stack Environment logically. Gain knowledge of your network and enable optimal business operations.

Now with Azure Stack

With Surveil’s Azure Stack Management business module, monitor and control all that Stack has to offer: preserve the secure data isolation of an on-premise environment while allowing expeditious allocation and deployment of storage, computing and other resources.

A Single-Pane-of-Glass for your Stack environments

Installed within the Stack or in a central private or public cloud, Surveil can be used either in connected or disconnected mode. Fully manage your physical and virtual environments with one solution and integrate all your Azure services and capabilities.

Know your assets

Surveil’s built-in automated asset discovery tool from the Agent or Sentry IoT device provides an accurate and complete inventory of all your IT assets in your network. Manage your assets in the Stack with agents, SNMP, WMI, IPMI or Stack API to identify and eliminate utilised software to reduce business waste.

Manage your Stacks with ease

Multiple Stacks can be managed in one window, giving you a clear overview of all your Stacks at any given time. Platform agnostic, Surveil benefits from a small single VM footprint, ready to complement any existing legacy system.

Azure Stack application map interface


Manage your end-to-end communications path

Poor call quality could be the result of a host of underlying issues like a faulty headset, WAN connectivity problems or problems in the hosting servers. Replace traditional tedious issue resolution methods with Surveil and troubleshoot any voice impacting service or device in one system.

End-to-end communications path infographic

Skype for Business Analytics overview

Monitor your infrastructure and workplace environment to truly measure and vastly improve call quality.

Efficient Caller Troubleshooting

With detailed User Call Analysis and integration with Sentry for independent call quality monitoring, Surveil helps to ensure you have the tools to empower your business with improved telecommunications. Considering today’s increased demand in remote desktops and off-site locations, the ability to ensure reliable, available and high-quality communications is vital to all aspects of business operations.

Image of product interface

Sentry - IOT

Your Guard – Remotely Onsite

Surveil Sentry monitors and controls the multiple factors that can affect the stability and functionality of any environment or network. Compact, discreet and highly customisable with an array of connectivity options, built-in camera and microphone capabilities, Surveil Sentry can truly be your eyes and ears to anywhere in the world.

Sentry - IOT units

Network Health Monitoring

With the demand of increased Wi-Fi availability for both on-site and Home Worker Networks for remotely located employees comes the need for network monitoring. Knowing the true bandwidth your branch or home office is operating at or how reliable your network is (amount of jitter or packet loss) is vital to increasing end-user quality of experience and satisfaction.

Surveil Sentry - IoT interface

Environmental Health Monitoring

From humidity and temperature to vibration, light and air quality, environmental conditions have a major impact on our health, comfort and well-being. The effects of the environment play an equally important role in the stability, functionality and safety of everyday machinery and products ensuring optimal operations across industries from Food and Beverage (FNB) to manufacturing.

Environmental Health monitoring interface

Surveillance anytime, anywhere

A multitude of sensors and connectivity in one box – integrated to your single-pane of-glass. Use it to monitor and troubleshoot your server rooms, your branches, offices or home workers. Need something cost effective and integrated to manage your agriculture – look not further. Cost effective Industrial 4.0 straight out of the box.

Sentry - IOT product breakdown

Detailed analytics

All your reporting requirements in PowerBI – utilising our own API’s, we can connect to your PowerBI services and present you with a wealth of PowerBI Analytics reports – use these reports as a base for your Analytics and further AI analysis.

Power BI interface

Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Our Platform shows no preference to any one technology – why should it? With Surveil you can manage your patching, file transfers, system updating or minor changes to existing environments, on any platform. Updates can be scheduled in a multitude of ways via pre-defined groups, recurring schedules or simple one-off changes. All changes made are tracked in a history log so you can see what happened, when it happened.

  • Manage content remotely
  • Ability to distribute regular and scripted content
  • Completely versioned with rollback
  • Platform agnostic
  • Distribution rules based on AI from monitoring
  • Single or group content distribution
  • Includes patches, MSI’s, MSP’s
  • Video content distribution
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Media Management

Using one of our Sentry devices as an endpoint, any media type can be scheduled remotely for automatic uploading and distribution. Media types include picture, sound, video and even web content, all of which is completely versioned with rollback. Platform agnostic with multiple connectivity options, Sentry can manage single or group software distribution with ease and efficiency. Use the same Single-Pane-of-Glass to manage the marketing in your retail branches or training and health and safety notices in your factories and offices.

  • Manage media remotely
  • Ability to distribute regular and scripted content
  • Completely versioned with rollback
  • Platform agnostic
  • Single or group content distribution
  • Video content distribution
Environmental Health monitoring interface

Asset and Configuration Management

Optimise service asset performance

Track and control your individual Assets and Configuration items in your business network. Surveil’s Asset & Configuration Management module allows you to plan, manage, schedule and budget your network assets and their lifecycle. Create fully customized Asset categories and build in automation for these assets – right within the admin utility without the need for developers. Track all changes in your history logs and set your mind at ease. Bring YOUR assets to life with Surveils ACM module.

Asset and Configuration features

  • QR scanning capabilities
  • Automatic syncing asset with Surveil resources
  • Customisable asset forms
  • Full versioning and auditing
  • Maintenance history
  • Document generation

Improve business operations

Assist decision making, planning of releases and help to resolve incidents and problems faster. Understand how configuration items (CI’s) contribute to the delivery of a service which ultimately brings value to your business. With purchasing history and warranty information features, tracking ownership of assets is simple and efficient.

Surveil Sentry - IoT interface