Surveil are proud to be a bronze sponsor at FinOps X 2024

Unlock Your FinOps Strategy

Cloud simplicity, the smart way.

FinOps requires empirical data at speed to align cloud investment decisions with the entire business’s needs. To accelerate your technology maturity, Surveil provides fast, and accurate data-driven insights to analyze cloud costs. Equipped with this intelligence, your FinOps team can make informed decisions to optimize cloud cost savings. When combined with your people and processes, we deliver simplicity, transparency, predictability, and governance for continuous compliance in managing your Microsoft Cloud spend.


Why Choose Surveil?

  • Visibility and Visualization: Achieve shared visibility and visualization through accessible, timely reporting for cost allocations, including chargebacks and showbacks. Understand business-relevant costs via tagging, detect anomalies to prevent bill shock, track budgets, and analyze spend trends.
  • Rates and Usage Optimization: Enhance cloud spend efficiency by transforming waste into value through strategic actions. Leverage accurate insights to optimize rates (service plans and reservations) and usage (VM rightsizing and unused resources).
  • Compliance at Scale: Foster financial accountability and governance through cross-functional collaboration and automate best practices by implementing processes that align with technology, financial, and business-related goals, ensuring sustained value.
  • Certified FinOps Practitioners: Out built-in insights guide you in achieving control over your cloud investments, optimizing innovation, and maximizing value.




    Gain insight and take control – fast


    Convert waste into value with ease


    Achieve a program of continuous compliance

    Leverage deep Microsoft 365 and Azure analytics, aligned to the FinOps process and presented in a single pane of glass view.
    Dive deeper than native reporting with a tailored recommendations engine.
    Do more with the cloud using actionable insights into Azure budgets, app usage, cloud resources, and much more.