Protect Your Software Future with Escrow

As reliance on software-as-a-service platforms rise, so too does the demand for risk mitigation – and escrow is the answer.

We’re committed to being a responsible partner for our channel, and that means preparing for any eventuality. We want to ensure that our partners have the confidence to know that their investment is protected well into the future, and that they’ll be able to maintain access to Surveil, no matter what happens.

That’s why we’ve partnered with NCC Group to provide escrow for our partners, with their Surveil instance securely stored in NCC’s environment. The instance will continue to receive updates, and should anything happen to prevent us from fulfilling our contractual obligations to you, you’ll receive access to the most up-to-date version.

Due to our partnership, we’ve been able to secure a special price from NCC Group, which will see escrow available to our valued Surveil partners at an affordable cost.

To find out more – including how the escrow process works – feel free to contact your Partner Success Manager.

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    We’ve partnered with NCC Group to hold Surveil source code in escrow.


    We’ll keep our source code updated with all new features and releases


    If anything should stop us from delivering on our agreement, NCC Group will release the code.

    Source code is secured in escrow in a protected cloud environment, monitored 24/7 by NCC’s security team.
    A proactive approach to risk mitigation and the first step towards a robust continuity strategy.
    Should we be prevented from fulfilling our contractual obligations, the source code is released by NCC.
    In the event of a release, NCC will provide all associated documentation and credentials,
    Escrow is part of our promise as a responsible partner – speak to your Partner Success Manager for more information.