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Digital Services Firm Ditches Spreadsheets for Deep Insights

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Between a lack of information in the Azure and Microsoft 365 admin portal and the substantial time requirements to manually comb spreadsheets, this customer’s IT team found cost optimisation to be a frustrating and onerous task.

Ultimately, they recognised the need for a tool that could automate huge swathes of the cost optimisation journey – in particular, highlighting sales opportunities, quickly and in one location.

Surveil’s mission of simplified and effective cost optimisation resonated with the customer, leading them to entrust Surveil to investigate their environment, the potential cost saving opportunities, and the recommended actions they could take to improve the cost optimisation process. 

Within 30 days – from setup to completion – Surveil was able to surface multiple opportunities for substantial cost optimisation, organized by the highest savings and paired with suggested remediation actions. Key insights included highlighting how the customer’s SQL server database costs were rising faster than expected, but unnoticed, and over £4000 of unused storage disks were still being paid for after decommissioning the matching virtual machines. 

It wasn’t all doom and gloom: aside from the immediate cost savings, Surveil also highlighted the customer’s eligibility for Microsoft’s Azure Hybrid Benefit on virtual machines running Windows Server – creating a further, long-term reduction on licensing costs totalling into the thousands. 

Best of all, the insights were gathered entirely by the platform, leaving the IT team to tackle their daily jobs without a costing spreadsheet in sight. 

As a result, this established digital services firm was able to relieve an immense pressure on their IT team, all while increasing visibility, decreasing unnecessary costs, and tapping further into the benefits of being a Microsoft user. 

Want a Surveil success story like this for your customers? Find out more about Surveil and our partner programme on our website, or get in touch directly to arrange a sneak peek.

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