How’s Your Cloud Looking?

Gain perspective with a snapshot of your Azure environment.

Powered by 
Surveil’s powerful analytical 
capabilities, the Azure Health Check provides a summarised snapshot of potential savings opportunities across range of technical categories.

 Our Azure Health Check is the first step towards more effectively understanding and optimising an organisation’s Azure resource usage, wastage, and security. The Health Check runs for 30 days, requires read-only access, and is a secure means of uprooting hidden opportunities to right-size, optimise, and enhance Azure resource usage.

With both summary​ and deep-reaching insights, the Azure Health Check report is the first word in improved cloud visibility and results-led FinOps activity.

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    Read-Only, Secure, and Quick

    Optimise resources and prioritise cloud tasks with a read-only snapshot of your Azure environment.

    30% Average Cost Savings

    Delve into solution usage, licensing costs, and much more to generate optimisation opportunities.

    Smart Cloud Optimisation

    Plan your next steps with actionable insights and recommendations, or use the Health Check to measure change success.

    Know More With read-only access for 30 days, the Azure Health Check is a low-risk, no obligation step towards smart optimisation.
    See More Gain visibility into your environment with the Health Check report, containing insights, findings, and recommendations from across Azure.
    Do More Use the Health Check as the basis for continuous optimisation, emboldened FinOps practices, and a greater understanding of your cloud estate.

    Understand Cloud Resource Usage

    Understanding which resources are being used is the first step in optimising your cloud environment. The Azure Health Check grants visibility over that information, allowing you to gauge whether there’s any unnecessary or under-utilised resources to expand into or remove.

    Uncover Unused Incentives

    Surveil’s Azure Health Check can uncover untapped Microsoft incentives to help fully capitalise on your investment, such as Hybrid Benefits and Virtual Machines eligible for Reserved Instances.

    Optimise Cloud Resources

    During the Health Check, the AI behind Surveil seeks to understand your environment, taking everything into consideration to provide you with a summary of cost savings across several Azure technical categories. Within the report, you’ll have all the information needed to recognise where there’s room to expand or right-size your cloud resources – opening the door for new projects or cost optimisation.