Azure Stack Management

Now with Azure Stack

With Surveil’s Azure Stack Management business module, monitor and control all that Stack has to offer: preserve the secure data isolation of an on-premise environment while allowing expeditious allocation and deployment of storage, computing and other resources.

Azure Stack general interface

A Single-Pane-of-Glass for your Stack environments

Azure Stack enterprise dashboard interface

Installed within the Stack or in a central private or public cloud, Surveil can be used either in connected or disconnected mode. Fully manage your physical and virtual environments with one solution and integrate all your Azure services and capabilities.

Know your assets

Surveil’s built-in automated asset discovery tool from the Agent or Sentry IoT device provides an accurate and complete inventory of all your IT assets in your network. Manage your assets in the Stack with agents, SNMP, WMI, IPMI or Stack API to identify and eliminate unutilised software to reduce business waste.

Azure Stack physical resource interface

Manage your Stacks with ease

Azure Stack hardware status interface

Multiple Stacks can be managed in one window, giving you a clear overview of all your Stacks at any given time. Platform agnostic, Surveil benefits from a small single VM footprint, ready to complement any existing legacy system.

Clear and Simple overview

With Surveil’s Application Map functionality, view the status of your Stack Environment logically. Gain knowledge of your network and enable optimal business operations.

Azure Stack application map interface