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Microsoft cost and licensing optimisation, security and identity management

Surveil SLIM is a tool to give you insight into your operational spend and to reduce your Cost of Ownership. SLIM will also give transparency to your Microsoft bills and provides complete Business views of Azure, Azure Stack and Office 365 spend and usage. View your costs and identities in the business language you speak. Manage your security, licenses and identity – all within one solution, in a single pane of glass.

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No more hidden costs

Surveil SLIM was developed as a Microsoft specialist tool for planning, budgeting and reporting. SLIM’s auto-tagging and AI engine show license costs, usage and consumption the way businesses need to see it, be it by Division, Department, Region, Company, Country, Cost Code, Support Team or any other custom method. Know how much your costs are per user, per plan, per Enterprise Agreement or Pay As You Go on an almost up to daily basis. Overspending is easily done - especially for IT purposes. SLIM’s built-in Alerting engine allows you to set custom overspend alerts aligned to your business budget and help keep you in check.

Historical report service cost by service breakdown

Azure cloud costs in business terms

Integrate seamlessly and directly with Azure to transform complex bills into clear business information. Take advantage of advanced analytic tools with Power BI for all your reporting needs.

PowerBI reports detail costs

Maximise cloud investment

Fully leverage cloud elasticity while optimizing cloud spend. Give team managers visibility and full control over resource allocation to keep business budgets in check. Schedule automatic adjustments to stay within your means, substantially reduce spend and maximise savings offered by Microsoft.

PowerBI reports detail costs

Azure Stack features and benefits

  • Automated costs and volumes from Microsoft to Stack Provider and their customers.
  • Markup Rate cards per Tenant, Subscription, Customer
  • Provider can create their own custom reports across customers.
  • Each customer can in turn create their own cost management views based on prices from provider only.
Azure Stack general interface

Comprehensive and efficient license management

Successful License and Identity management is crucial to all organisations in ensuring compliance and reduction in waste. Surveil Hybrid License Management gives you full views of your Microsoft licensing across Office 365, Azure and Azure Stack. With flexible and automated management, over-purchasing of licenses is a thing of the past. Having visible costs across all your Microsoft licenses, in terms aligned to your business budgets, enables you to make financial decisions to optimise costs and increase efficiency across your Hybrid estate.

Azure Stack enterprise dashboard interface

Recommendations, alerts and complete control

Surveil Hybrid License Management relieves the strain of mundane and tedious tasks on your IT support team:

  • Receive optimal license recommendations and alerts on potential cost savings.
  • Automate subscription renewals, provisioning of joiners or new user licenses and de-provisioning of licenses with our Helpdesk add-on.
  • Gain complete employee traceability and reduce identity risk.
  • Get security alerts across Office 365 and Azure in one single pane of glass.
Azure Stack physical resource interface

Who, what and where

Leveraging Azure AD and Office 365, License and Identity Management has never been this cost effective or straightforward. Usage dashboards provide a clear view on what Office 365 licenses are owned, who these are allocated to and what is actually being used. Our AI engine digs a lot deeper than normal and provides individual component license usage of licensing plans. Armed with knowledge of under-utilised resources and the ability to reassign them with ease, the once-challenging task of license management is now simplified and effortless.

Azure Stack general interface

Improve security and costs through enhanced identity management

Tackling your JML (Joiners, Movers and Leavers) has never been easier – SLIM provides a historical overview of all your new and old employees along with what kinds of licenses they used, where they were and when they last logged in. With Leavers automatically highlighted to support staff and Human Resources, the guesswork of deprovisioning licenses and access is diminished. SLIM makes Active Directory security and management a part of daily IT operations.

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Identify threat management and compliance

on all identity and risk events in Azure Active Directory, On-Premise Active Directory and Office 365 management. Manage all your high-level threats within a single pane of glass. Central alerting from security governance events are notified on a variety of communication platforms (ie. SMS, Email, API, etc.) making immediate response to issues a reality. Surveil keeps a log of all historical Office 365 outage events to make troubleshooting simpler.

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Embeded BI analytics

Take a deep dive into further analysis with Surveil’s embedded BI Analytics engine. Gain clarity and further insight into your business with an almost unlimited number of categories to create reports that make sense to you.